"Awaria małżeńska"

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Wild flavors. The kitchen of a crazy plant collector
All you need is the desire to discover new flavors, the use of advice supported by knowledge and a bit of culinary fantasy, and you can charm not one with your kitchen displays. You do not have to live in the countryside to become a wild plant collector. Find out how to get plants free from pollution in a big city. Get to know dishes from mushrooms, roots, leaves, fruits, seeds and flowers. Secret knowledge? Shamanic customs? Magic practices? Of course, but supported by scientific knowledge! Kaja Nowakowska and Gosia Ruszkowska, bloggers known as Mead Ladies, advise how to safely find, collect and prepare what is growing around us.

Author: Nowakowska Kaja, Ruszkowska Małgorzata
Number of pages: 336

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