"Bądź moim światłem"

Bądź moim światłemProduct code: U762

Can one walk change your whole life? This story will move your hearts ... When Magda returns to the apartment on a November evening, the city unexpectedly plunges into darkness. The girl is extremely unlucky - not only that throughout the district has no electricity, her phone is still discharged. Fortunately passing a man with a flashlight offers her help. Conversation and a shared walk make it a thread of understanding is born between two strangers. At home, Magda is waiting for her husband, with whom the woman has shared a fate for years - they swore, that it's good and bad. However, it seems that their feelings have long gone. Whether to for sure? Re-encounter with the unlucky evening that I met man makes Magda have more and more dilemmas. What will choose, loyalty do own happiness? Author: Agata Przybyłek Number of pages: 368

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