BaronównaProduct code: U720

The most dangerous Polish agent. Journalistic investigation. Facts that nobody has joined yet. When the war breaks out, Baron Kronenberg's daughter is 17 years old. Her family palace is burnt, and Jewish origin is like a death sentence. But Wanda does not think about escaping and believes that he will outwit everyone. The beautiful Baroness reports the NKVD, writes reports for the Home Army, is the right hand of the Gestapo ace. He leads his own war. He fascinates, falls in love and makes people disappear. Her highest-ranking men fight for her favors, but she is the one who gives away the cards. And he is not afraid of anything and nobody. After the war, Wanda does not cease to seduce. The file with her name goes to the desk of the UB officer. Several dozen years later, a journalist and historian are moving along the trail of a mysterious agent. He will discover facts that no one has previously connected. What role did the most dangerous Polish agent play? Who were her lovers? Why was her name erased from the pages of history?

Author: Wójcik Michał

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