"Bluszcz prowincjonalny"

Bluszcz prowincjonalnyProduct code: U722

You should not look too often, but sometimes you have to find what got lost along the way. Anna, after losing her husband, returns to her hometown of charming Podlasie to start all over again. He hopes to regain peace and balance on the ivy-covered veranda of the old house. It's hard for her, so she desperately looks for support in her parents and old friends. It is thanks to him that he hopes to build a new stable reality for himself and his children. She does not believe that she would be able to do it alone without anyone's help. Just like an ivy that can not exist without a support. Fortunately, she realizes in time that this is how her life looked like and decides to change it. Thanks to the inhabitants of Bujan, their daily joys and also the concerns that she had not previously been aware of, and thanks to the animals who were disadvantaged by the shelter, she finds her true self. She becomes strong, independent and thanks to that she is happy.

Author: Renata Kosin
Number of pages: 404

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