"Czarownica ze wzgórza"

Czarownica ze wzgórzaProduct code: U763

TO SAVE AN UNBORN CHILD, TRUST A FOREIGNER. TO PROTECT YOUR SECRET, RISK LIFE. 1612, PENDLE HILL, LANCASTER, ENGLAND Fleetwood Shuttleworth, lady on Gawthorpe Hall, expecting a child. She wants nothing more than to give her husband an heir. One day, she finds a letter in which her medic warns her that she will not survive pregnancy. Desperate Fleetwood meets Alice, a local midwife. Girl he assures that the lady at Gawthorpe Hall can give birth to a healthy child, but she will soon stay accused of practicing black magic. Can Fleetwood trust Alice? Is she the person he claims to be? The fate of two women is inseparably intertwined, Fleetwood must prove Alice's innocence. Time is running out. In a moment witch trials will begin. The lives of both women are at risk. Only they know the truth. Only they can save each other.

Author: Stacey Halls

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