"Cztery płatki śniegu"

Cztery płatki śnieguProduct code: U732

A warm, humorous and emotional story about what is really important. Because holidays can be special, even when four snowflakes fall from the sky to the cross ... An asterisk behind the belt, in the air it smells with poppy seed, cloves and a green Christmas tree. Inhabitants of a small town are already thinking about Christmas preparations, but they will face family adventures in the way of making Christmas tree ears and chains. Zabigani will forget what really matters in the holidays. Luckily, someone will remind them about it ... This unique time crosses the paths of marriage suspecting each other of betrayal, a young mother tired of her mother's good advice, a sknera, whose wife dreams about a child, a woman raising a daughter and a handsome man. Among everyday problems it is difficult to stop and just enjoy common times, but someone who helps them to rediscover the magic of Christmas lives in the town.

Author: Joanna Szarańska
Number of pages: 336
Cover: Soft with wings

  • price: 53.00 zł