"Miasteczko zbrodni"

Miasteczko zbrodniProduct code: U741

Who is behind the shocking murder of Iwona Cygan? Twenty years ago, the whole case of Poland was murdered by Iwona the Gypsy from Szczucin. IN In the journalistic investigation, Monika Góra returns to this topic and also wonders how it is it happened that a nice high school student was brutally murdered by her neighbors, friends of parents, fathers of her friends? Did the perpetrators want to take her away to work as a prostitute in Austria? Maybe she found out about their illegal drug business? Had she been exposed to someone that night? a high-ranking politician? The reporter is looking for the answer to the question why, by so much time the local police and the prosecutor's office were unable to indicate the guilty of this crime. How it is it happened that biological traces were changed with impunity, evidence was lost and murdered witnesses? How high was the political and business social system in Szczucin, which mute people's conscience for twenty years.

Author: Monika Góra
Number of pages: 352
Cover: Broszurowa z skrzydełkami