"Patyki, badyle"

Patyki, badyleProduct code: U752

Confessions of a botanist describing various expressions of plant life, staring movement of mint and pumpkin shoots, wind action on the crowns of trees, water flowing from roots through the trunks up to the smallest leaves, wound healing sauce, deformities and shoot of plants to survive in all conditions. And death. Keeps track of human meetings with the inside of plant bodies interpreted as their language visible in the structure of leaves, stems or roots. It is also a story about the language and history of plants, written with hieroglyphs of their anatomy. ABOUT the course of life of trees, horsetails and mosses in a world made of air, light, gravity and water. About Bartek oak, weeds and admiration for nettle In human understanding, the world of plants takes a different course, hence our unnoticed and insensitivity to their transformation, which means that plants have always been treated they are like the background of our life, decoration or food and not as a rich world of independent beings, which are characterized by remarkable sensitivity, the ability to transform their own bodies and which existed long before any mammal appeared on earth

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